XML Art Viewer

XML Art Viewer is a php-based image catalog system which uses an XML catalog instead of MySQL. Using XML makes the database of image information much easier to access and manage, allowing manual editing and search-and-replace changes to things like tags. In addition, when making changes to the database in the back-end application, the database is automatically backed up to ensure that no data is lost. The latest version uses responsive CSS so it works well on mobile devices also.

XML Art Viewer- kenbmiller.com/fine_art

xml art viewer- mikegeno.com

The application consists of:

See it in action

XML Art Viewer was created for artist Mike Geno's website which has a catalog of over 275 images. Having the catalog in an XML file instead of a MySQL database allows the catalog to load faster, and the items can be pre-sorted when saving to make them easier to find. It has since been adapted for my Fine Art website.


If you're interested in using XML Art Viewer for your website, please let me know.