Leaf Tree

This is a piece from my "Branches" series, which was an exploration of branching forms relating them to systems of distribution and consolidation.

You can view more images from this series on my art website

A & G Collectibles

I was given a model car to use as the basis for my artwork. I shot a photo of the car, which I hand-traced in Illustrator to create a vector image. I then added type and the racetrack. Due to a limited budget, this was to be printed in only three spot colors: black, red and metallic gold.

Joe Naticchia

Joe was the drummer for several bands in the local jazz scene. When he died suddenly in 2002, I was asked to make an illustration of him for coffee mugs to be sold at a benefit concert for his family. I was given a photo, which I redrew using Photoshop to create this line illustration.

Painted Journal Covers

These were original oil paintings commissioned by Slack, Inc. for the covers of two medical journals.

Untitled #8

In 2006, I created a series of drawings with india ink on paper.

You can view more drawings from this series on my art website.

Lock Monkey

This digital collage was created with Photoshop as part of a series for an art show with a sock monkey theme. I decided to show what sock monkeys would look like made from materials other than socks.

Also in this series were the rock monkey and the shoe monkey.