Mike Geno is an artist from the Philadelphia area who specializes in realistic paintings of objects such as cheese, meat and donuts. For his "Portfolio" section, I created a content management system which allows images of paintings and descriptions to be added through a web interface.

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Rheta Santangelo is a realtor in the Montgomery County area serving southeast Pennsylvania. This site was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP

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CSL Charter School

The Center for Student Learning Charter School is a school for at-risk youth. This site was created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP

Green Tree School

This site is for a school for autistic children in Philadelphia. I created the page layouts, backgrounds and header graphic, in addition to style sheets and the navigation system.


Intersolv offers consulting services for the telecommunication industry. This site was created with WordPress, jQuery, CSS and HTML. I also created the logo for this company.

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Unlimited Silkscreen Products

This website was created using PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, and allows people to request quotes electronically and upload artwork. I did not create the Apparel Design Studio portion of the site.

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